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Who are we?

Destination Workplace LTD, with UIC 206226951, with registered office and address of management Sofia, 3 Okolovrasten pat Blvd., is a personal data controller and is responsible for compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).           

This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you what personal data we process and for what purposes, to whom we provide it, what are your rights regarding your personal data processed and how you may exercise it. We strive to provide you with accessible and useful information on our website.       

Whose personal data we process? 

The personal data that we process as a Personal Data Administrator through the website refer to the following categories of persons:                

  • Website visitors;
  • Persons who provided references for us;
  • Job candidates;
  • Employees recommending job candidates;
  • Clients who want to use one of our services for career counseling and coaching;
  • People who contact us through one of the communication channels (eg email).           

What categories of personal data do we process?                

The personal data and categories of personal data which we process relate to:                

Website visitor data automatically collected or generated in connection with the use of the website: date and time of access to the site; IP address from which the connection was made; logs for making legal statements (such as providing consent for the processing of personal data; confirmation of familiarity with the Privacy Policy, etc.)

  • Data of individuals who provided references: names, position and photo;
  • Data of job candidates, collected when filling in an application for a certain position: names, email; phone number; cover letter and CV;
  • Date of employees who recommend candidates for a certain vacancy: names; email and ID of the employee, as well as names, email, phone number, description and CV of the job candidates;
  • Date of clients who want to take advantage of our career counseling and coaching services: names and email;
  • Data of individuals who contact us through the contact form on the website, by email and through another contact form: names, email, etc.
  • The collection of personal data of job candidates can be done through other channels than this site. Such channels are the internet platforms for job search (,,,, etc.), social networks (Linkedin, etc.), etc.          

What purposes do we process your data for?               

We process your personal data only if it is necessary for our business and only for the stated purposes, namely:

  • For the purposes of administering the website and analyzing its use – we collect the minimum necessary data for visitors, which allows us to individualize their legal statements;
  • For the purposes of publishing on the website references from our clients and partners;
  • For the purposes of staff recruitment;
  • For the purpose of providing any of our services;
  • For the purposes of correspondence, through the contact form on the website;           

How long do we keep your personal data?                      

When we process your personal data on the basis of a legal obligation, we undertake to keep this data only for the period provided for in the relevant legislation.

When we process your personal data on the basis of your explicit consent, we will process this personal data only for the purposes of the consent given and for the period until its withdrawal.                     

The personal data of the job candidates are processed for a period of up to 6 months, when the processing is carried out on the basis of a legitimate interest or until the withdrawal of consent, when the processing is based on the explicit consent of the candidate.                 

The personal data that are processed in connection with the provision of any of our consulting and coaching services are processed within 5 years after the termination of the service for which they were collected, in order to protect our legitimate interest.                

The personal contact details that are collected upon receipt of your inquiry, as well as the data in the correspondence are stored for up to 5 years, in order to protect our legitimate interest.            

Do we send your personal data to third parties?          

We may share your personal information with the following categories of persons:                    

Clients with whom we have a contract for the provision of recruitment services in connection with the implementation of this contract.       

Subcontractors with whom we have concluded contracts and to whom we assign certain actions, such as technical support on our website, the use of legal services, in connection with legal cases, etc.  

Competent state, municipal and judicial authorities when this is necessary to fulfill our legal obligation or to protect our rights or legitimate interests.               

What are our principles for processing your personal data?            

  1. Personal data is collected and processed lawfully and in good faith           

We process your personal data lawfully, in good faith and in accordance with the principles and your rights provided for in Bulgarian and European law.                   

  1. Personal data is processed transparently           

We provide transparency in communication for the collection and processing of personal data and the information about it is in a short, transparent, understandable and easily accessible form.                     

  1. Personal data is collected and processed only for the purposes specified in this policy           

We do not collect or process personal data of individuals that exceed our legal obligations and our business needs.            

  1. The minimum necessary personal data shall be collected for processing           

We process only the minimum necessary personal data in connection with the fulfillment of the purposes for which they are collected, compliance with the law and protection of our legitimate interest.                 

  1. The processed personal data are accurate and up-to-date           

We strive to process your personal data as accurately as possible and always up to date.           

  1. Personal data shall be processed by the minimum required number of persons           

The processing of your personal data is performed by the minimum necessary number of persons who have the necessary competence for their processing and the necessary commitment to their protection.               

What are your rights?                  

We ensure that your rights are respected when processing your personal data. According to the Bulgarian and European legislation, you have the following rights related to the protection of your personal data:       

  1. right to be informed about personal data processing;
  2. right of access to personal data;
  3. right to correct inaccurate personal data;
  4. right to delete personal data – the right “to be forgotten”;
  5. right to limit the processed personal data;
  6. the right to be informed about actions as a result of a request for correction, deletion or restriction of the processing of personal data;
  7. right to data portability;
  8. right to object to the processing of personal data;
  9. right not to be subject to automatic decision-making, including profiling.           

We will provide you with the necessary assistance in exercising your rights related to the protection of your personal data.           

How to contact us?              

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your personal data or wish to exercise any of your rights, you can contact us at the contact details provided in the “CONTACTS” section.                 

Who is the control body for personal data protection?            

The Commission for Personal Data Protection is the independent state body that monitors compliance with the law in the processing of your personal data and in accessing this data, as well as monitors compliance with the legislation related to the processing of personal data on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.                     

In case of suspicion that your rights related to personal data protection have been violated, you can report to the Commission for Personal Data Protection at:                     

Address: Sofia 1592, 2 “Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” Blvd.       



Change the privacy policy            

We reserve the right to change and update this Privacy Policy at any time.

The last update of the Privacy Policy was made on 20.2.2022.      



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