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In this coaching sessions you will:

Take advantage of our expert-level understanding of LinkedIn and proven tactics to build your professional profile. Stand out in front of hundreds (or even thousands) of professionals in your industry.

Our career coaches are striving to teach you leading-edge job search strategies for overcoming networking anxiety, articulately
communicating your career stories, confidently showcasing how you can add unique value to potential employers.

1:1 Coaching
One-on-one coaching tailored to your career goals.
3x More Chances
You are 3x more likely to score an interview and get hired.
Cut 1.5 Months
Reduce your average job search by 1.5 months.


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As a result of this coaching:

In today’s digital world, it’s too easy to get overlooked when you just apply for jobs online. We want you to get the attention you deserve. All of us, deep down, know what we were born to do, but often that knowledge has been blurred by life events, and consequently we may feel a little lost, or confused.

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Our Key Specialists

Our team of bright and devoted specialists are eager to assist you in finding the working opportunity of your dreams and make you feel like you truly belong to that place.

Reneta Ivanova Senior Recruitment Consultant & Career Coach
Dimitar Kokotanekov Senior Recruitment Consultant & Career Coach
Petya Despova Senior Recruitment Consultant & Career Coach
Mateya Nikolava Senior Recruitment Consultant & Career Coach

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