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Reneta Ivanova

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Reneta’s Story

Did you know that most people spent about 1/3 of their day actively communicating with people at work? That is why, it is extremely important to be in an environment, which broadens not only our horizons, but also our potential and not to suppress it down. A person, who loves their work, stops seeing it only as a way of welfare and good being.

Speaking about myself, as a person who devoted my life and my work to communicate with people, for me it is of extreme importance to be useful for the rest and to encourage them in their career path and personal flourishment. Being acquainted with new cultures and distinct characteristics of people’s behavior is a passion of mine. I believe that every bit of new knowledge is a treasure. When you share all the sparkles with others, it becomes a stream of light, which will always be there for us to show the right way.

At the start of my career, I gave myself a promise and now I am sharing it with you: “To assist people find an improved version of themselves, to find where they belong and where they will spread light to others, and to accept every steppingstone as a ladder to great success.”

Each career coaching session provides a clear takeaway that brings you one step closer to landing your dream job. You will learn what it takes to job search in the most strategic way possible. Our goal is to cut your job search time in half by teaching you to search smarter, not harder.

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