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About Us

Providing Top Talent

We match the right professionals to the right companies and support them until they unlock their full potential. We strive to provide our partners with the best opportunities in fast-developing and world-oriented companies, who share the potential of our candidates and put employee experience at high stake.


Consulting services

We help people find their dream workplace and employers of all sizes to recruit, manage, develop, and retain, great people. Our HR experts build lasting relationships with you, to deliver tailor-made business solutions.



We have been working in the HR and consulting services.

About us

The word of the CEO

Every business should have a cause. In a highly competitive environment, only those with a cause function efficiently and gain advantages in the market. This is why my team and I created Destination Workplace: a value-driven company with a mission to help people in finding the career opportunity of their dreams.

Ivaylo Petrov
CEO & Company founder





successfully match between candidates to company



Annual average added value to the revenue of our business partners



discount provided to our long-term customers



or less for a rapid response to business partners and candidates

Best Team

Our key specialists

Our team of bright and devoted specialists are eager to assist you in finding the working opportunity of your dreams and make you feel like you truly belong to that place.

Reneta Ivanova Recruitment Team Lead & Career Coach
Dimitar Kokotanekov Recruitment Team Lead & Career Coach
Petya Despova Senior Recruitment Consultant & Career Coach
Mateya Nikolova Junior Recruitment Consultant & Career Coach


We turned to Destination Workplace for support with our talent search for Senior Software Engineering roles, as their ability to understand our business and needs to source qualified candidates, as well as their friendly and professional approach really stood out. They quickly grasped the technical and soft skills specifics of our brief and provided timely communication and feedback - an excellent service all-around.

Elena Dimitrova
Elena Dimitrova,
HR Manager

If you are on the journey to find your destination workplace this is the partnership you are looking for! DWP adds an unique value to your personal and business development. Here you find professionals full of enthusiasm, strong personal ethics, and purpose to support you.

Miryana Dorosieva
Miryana Dorosieva,
HR Manager

It is always a pleasure working with Destination Workplace team! This is a company full with professionals who can easily help you in any kind of subject you have a problem with.

Kristian Bankov
Kristian Bankov,
Talent Acquisition Manager

It is a rare occurrence these days to come across an agency that is truly a strategic partner in the sea of vendors on the market that claim to be such. I would boldly say without any doubt or hesitation that Destination Workplace is such company.

Borislav Todorov
Borislav Todorov,
Talent Acquisition Manager

9/10 people said a staffing company made them more employable.

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